Our Mastermind Group


Nicholas L. Gregory, ChWEA, CEBA, ChCCA, ChFWA — Founder and CEO

Having founded a firm called The Financial Engineering Institute back in 1996, Mr. Gregory and his colleagues utilized the Institute’s WealthEngineeringTM Platform and a plethora of other resources to engineer The Family Business Hub and The EBenefits Hub as an ecosystem for businesses. They are gathering places for Businesses to peruse a carefully selected Hub of Alliance Advisors and a categorized portfolio of ExpertSourcing Firms. Businesses create their FWH Dashboards to access the expert sourcing firms and the Family Knowledge Center coupled with Regional Chapters and synchronized with discreet peer-to-peer Forums and dynamic regional and national Conferences.

Nick is dedicated to providing quality education, training coaching and advanced strategies for families of wealth and their advisors.  He is also President and Managing Director of The Charitable Capital Design Center, an organization which assists both financial professionals and charitable organizations in enhancing their planned giving capabilities by redefining “planned giving” as a unique form of financial capital. In addition, Nick and his colleagues have developed Give Back Nation, a non-profit, national community foundation to create even bigger waves of giving across the nation. He is also Founder and CEO of The Family Business Hub, a national association of family businesses. 

Over the past 40 years Mr. Gregory has consulted with attorneys, accountants, and financial services professionals in better serving their high net worth families and businesses. He also provides consulting for some of the largest financial services organizations in the world. He functions as a speaker, writer and consultant in the areas of cash management, risk management, investing, taxation, estate preservation, employee benefits, business succession and retirement planning, as well as business valuation, asset protection, and charitable giving. Mr. Gregory holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Ball State University with minors in Economics and Finance. Mr. Gregory is a member of the Financial Planners Association, The Partnership for Philanthropic Planning, The International Institute of Financial Engineering, The Charitable Capital Advisory Institute and is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Give Back Nation.


Kyle C. Gregory, ChCCA — President of Give Back Nation, a non-profit organization

Kyle and several other entrepreneurial philanthropists developed Give Back Nation as a national community foundation serving hundreds of non-profits on a concierge services basis as well as thousands of giving Americans and their causes. Kyle Gregory has held management positions with UPS, Lowes and The Bank of New York Mellon. Using his vast array of management experience and dedication to “giving back”, Kyle helps great causes expand their fight while creating a “circle of winning” within communities across the nation. Kyle received his bachelors degree in Business Management from the University of Central Florida. He is a member of The Charitable Capital Advisory Institute.


Rodney (Rod) C. Zeeb, JD, HDP™ — Founder and CEO of The Heritage Institute

A self-proclaimed recovering estate planning attorney, Rod Zeeb is passionate about training advisors. The Heritage Institute training is radically different from the college and continuing education to which professionals have become accustomed. Rod is passionate about training professionals to deliver what clients actually want, a plan that meets the financial needs of the family while preparing the family for the inevitable surprises that come with implementing an estate plan. With a casual speaking style and an easy-going persona, Rod has been invited to speak nationally and internationally at events including MDRT, NAIFA, AFP, National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, Securities Industries and Financial Markets Associations (SIFMA), NAPFA Advanced Planners/Larger Firm Initiative, United Way of America National de Tocqueville Conference, Pershing’s INSITE Conference, FPA (national and regional groups), International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy, and many others. Rod is also the author of Beating the Midas Curse (now in its 3rd Edition) and Family Stewardship, and he is co-author of the novel What Matters.


John Wilenski, CFA, CPA, CMA — Consultant to CFOs

John is a strategic and performance-focused executive with over 33 years of experience. He is known for his ability to leverage global resources, capabilities, and relationships to increase revenue, cash flow, and profits. With a strong track record of defining mission and goals, John consistently exceeds expectations. He has a wealth of experience in finance, including a capital raise of $225 million senior secured notes and $100 million in SAFEs. John has also demonstrated significant cost savings, lean manufacturing, and technology start-ups. He has held various leadership positions in finance and accounting, including Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President for both public and privately held organizations. John consults with CFOs on a national basis as they strive to serve the entire financial ecosystems of the enterprises that they serve.